2015 June

Do you Play? RIPOLLESDANSA 2015

MAP Fundation and choreography by Rut Rigat and Ester Forment
Like pink chalk girl
on an old wall
suddenly erased for the rain
” (Alejandra Pizarnik)

Because all of us somehow, and especially dance, in the current situation it is “a girl of chalk painted on a very old wall suddenly erased by the rain ..” because we believe in the sensitivity of people in the wanted to make the world a beautiful place to live, we invite you to gossip what moves this summer in Ripoll. We wait for you from July 13 to 19 with free proposals for everyone, unrepeatable offers training in Catalonia where two teachers from the scene join us for a week and get the better of us to be shown in the historical and magical cloister of Ripoll. And if that were not enough, in the evenings we will be lighted by great artists and better people, hidden glow with their own light talent.

Rut Rigat and Ester Forment, after a year accompany Map Fundation (social entity committetentidad with people and for people with different abilities) and where he was born a valuable line, they give us a simple, innocent and beautiful proposal with Héctor Pineda, Agustin Aribau,Silvia Hernandez i Fèlix Blanco.

We want to give public thanks to Apropa cultura and the National Theatre of Catalonia, to support social projects and art, as well as the Map Foundation for delivery. Thanks to the synergies that have come out of this collaboration, Ripollesdansa 2015 opens with great people.

Exquisite RIPOLLESDANSA 2015

Exquisite “Let please uniquely by its delicacy, finesse,Excellence, etc.”

With one word we can define the creators who will join us in this fourth edition of RIPOLLESDANSA.

Every afternoon from 13 July to 18 July at 20pm you have an essential meeting to praise to your senses. Will occupy a place in the beautiful town of Ripoll and give us their talent, their passion and their commitment.

Because just talking about dancersunless impressive angels will leave us all speechless.

And to know more about them work you can check this information:

Sand, Cia. Agitart with Roger Fernández and Ashleigh Musk
To be continued…, Cia. Krego-Martin dansa, with Maria Martin and Judit R. Onandi
Corpo em Crise, Cia. No Tchäo, with Matilde J. Ciria and Rafaella Bidarra
Puppets, Cia. Dimpro, with Dani Méndez and Angel F. Mateo
Elixir, Cia. Un Sol Traç, with Dori Bermúdez, Virginia Joëlle and Rut Rigat

What a feeling. Ripollesdansa 2015

“First when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream
That your fear seems to hide deep inside you mind
All alone I have cried silent tears
Full of pride in a world made of steel, made of stone
Well I hear the music
Close my eyes, feel the rhythm
Wrap around, take a hold of my heart”

So says the song from the soundtrack: Flashdance “What a feeling!”
I already have this dream form, meaning and bright: RIPOLLESDANSA 2015.
So hearts that beat with us in this fourth edition of the “Best Dance Festival Pirinees.” Thanks to love, dedication and confidence dancers such as Ruth Rigart, Virginia Joelle; Dori Bermudez, Dani Mendez, Angel F. Mateo, Matilde J.Ciria, Rafaella Bidarra Judith R. Onandi Mary Martin, Roger Fernandez, Ashleigh Musk, Shahar Dor, Cristiane Boullosa and all participants who rely on us. All of them and they also dare to dream! I trust that everything, absolutely everything is possible. And the only thing you need is a passion for a job well done. To all of them and I want to thank them! Because the passion makes them the ones and best people.

PS: Although we do not mean the secret start Ripollesdansa 2015 a taste sweet angels that make the world much worth it.