2016 April

LaMacana at ReD 2016

Strength, energy, courage and generosity, a lot of generosity. Thanks to LaMacana for joining us at this  V edition of Ripollesdansa 2016.

This year LaMacana  at the morning Workshop: What moves you? and what moves you? This question is maintained at all times. The stage animal: sniffs, listens, spies, plays, search with a naturally curiousity and willing to try new things.

Research is constantly renewed movement without having to keep an established code.

LaMacana challenge us to find this animal that we all carry inside, and opened again in 2016 Ripollesdansa.

You can see Ven, an impeccable work of love, poetry and animal.

Open Call Registration for Ripollesdansa 2016

Que plau d’una manera singular pel seu sabor, per la seva delicadesa, finor, excel·lència.
Que place de una manera singular por su sabor, su delicadeza, su finura, excelencia.
That pleased a unique way for its taste, for its delicacy, elegance, excellence.
Profesores/Teachers: LaMacana y Cristiane Boullosa.
¿Cuándo?/When: 18-24 julio 2016.
¿Dónde?/Where: Ripoll