2017 February


They are Matilde, Raffaella and little Leo. Leo arrives at this world since 7 months and 10 days.  They are amazing souls that they give you love, dreams, and say you must to keep going.  The dance is in them blood, and they are sweet and cruels, to wake up.


Thank you very much to keep going in this ship called Ripollesdansa, thank you for your unconditional support.

They are Aboard… and you… what are you waiting?…


And they give us the  heart to open to chunks of life, truths of innocence, passion … give us the time its art, its essence …

and that they are Natalia Garcia Aiala yen Echergaray give tenderness, dance, poetry, faith, … steps, compasses and sighed … and notes … and delusions are wonderful …


Welcome Aboard.

And you … would you be Aboard?

Rh 8384

He is Toni her Pepi. We fall in love with Toni at 2012, on the very begining of Ripollesdansa, and following our filosofi Dance to meet you… Antonio Izquierdo and Pepi Izquierdo. This year they will dance us at Ripollesdansa.
Strong, energy, live, sweet, awarness, LOVE!
Welcom Aboard

The Mother Queen


She is a fool who has stolen our hearts. Her humility, her sensitivity, her tenderness. This actress made a dancer by her own grace, we fall in love with her overflowing truth in her performances.

A mage of stage acting, the now and the here is capable of transforming the most raw pain into an ephemeral, authentic and brave proposal.

Claiming and committed to women and the female gender. Sensitive to the core and authentic in its essence.

He accompanies us this year at Ripollesdansa 2017.

Welcome aboard QUEEN!