2017 March


They are Raffaella Bidarra and Matilde Javier Ciria, and they do not come alone … they grew up and created Leonardo. Talking about them excites me immeasurably, and in a personal capacity I will say that without them unconditional support Ripollesdansa would not make any sense.

And this year we will be delighted to love scenic art in total transparency to its essence. They strip naked of soul and with humility before the perfume of the life and they give us their love, their passion, their generosity, their talent!

Thank you Masters!

They are the heart of the boat. Are you in?

Open Calls


prova1red2017horari horesDel 24 al 30 de juliol 2017, una nova edició de Ripollesdansa us espera. Obertes les inscripcions.
www.ripollesdansa.com / info@ripollesdansa.com

Del 24 al 30 de julio 2017, una nueva edición de Ripollesdansa os espera.
Abiertas las Inscripciones.
www.ripollesdansa.com / info@ripollesdansa.com

From 24th to 30th of July of 2017, a new Ripollesdansa edition is waiting for you.
Open calls
www.ripollesdansa.com / info@ripollesdansa.com


La mujer del carnicero

Neus Canalias, sappeared in 2012, the first edition of Ripollesdansa suddenly she appear as the good people of this life. For makeup she was wearing a nice smile and her was dressed with unbeatable love. And we had been seduced for her sweet energy, her tenderness… and this year we wanted to share with the world her light. And she doesn’t come alone, Francesc Ramirz  is sharing the light with her, with the cocretion of Albert Dueñas.
Neus also wrote a wonderful book called: Inclusive Dance.
Ripollesdansa loves artists committed and we love join us at the same beat, beat strong, although sometimes they are silent and seemingly invisible, but they are as powerful as the air, totally essential. Thank you for flying with us !!
This duo will make us fly … a lot.
They are already on board. And you? …
Dance to meet you!