2017 May

Do you want to dance?

From July 24 to 30, 2017, RIPOLLESDANSA will continue thanks to the will of many people who with their LOVE, their unconditional support, tenacity, temperance and trust, have believed and supported from the beginning a MicroFestival of these characteristics where they converge Professional and restless of the dance, who have the opportunity to live together and share their concerns for a week. And the magic does not rest here, because for a week the town of Ripoll is painted with movement, people, new airs, new lives, stories won and perhaps lost battles …

This year we’ll join  by great dancers, movement educators, artists and better people. We especially want to thank you publicly for agreeing to share this trip. Can you come with us?

In the morning, a workshop will be given by Guillermo Weickert. In the evenings, in the Creation Laboratory in Composition given by Cristiane Boullosa, we will open spaces of creation and scenic sensibility.

And before dinner, we filled a space of Ripoll with precious proposals and with much magic, of the hand of the Innato, Mamen Agüera; The Woman of the Butcher, Map Fundation, Integralleure, Ester Forment, NöTchäo, Krego-Martin Dance, Antonio Izquierdo, Input Cia, Cia Pieldearena, Miquel Barcelona, ​​Angel F. Mateo and the participants of Ripollesdansa 2017. Finally, at night, and the more resistant, we will continue dancing in the night jams.

Are you aiming for the trip?

Dance to meet you

ReD Team


They are Los Innato and come from Costa Rica to fill us with love, discovery, energy and vitality.

Their desire, their passion and their energy fell in love for miles.

They will be in Ripollesdansa 2017, and you?

From 24 to 30 July in Ripoll move bodies, bones, souls and desire, you climb?

We will wait for you.

Dance to meet you