2018 May

Guillermo, we fall in love with your honest way of being in the world; the fragrance of your wisdoms inspires our bodys and tastes like melody. And yes, we want to repeat you, and yes, in each breath find hidden treasures of ourselves and of others.

You flow with the fury of the truest passion, and you allow us the bridges to cross us in bones, backs and hips. From you emanates so much kindness and sweetness, that the dance is dazzled to find a place of Peace, Love and Harmony.

With you we cross, once again, the certainty of life, knowing that even humble, a true symphony of naked bodies is built in essence and dressed in the most beautiful movement.

Guillermo Weickert Welcome to Ripollesdansa 2018.

And you, do you feel like it? From July 30 to August 4 Ripollesdansa 2018.

Do you go up? You `re welcome

Photo: Roger March