2018 June

Ripollesdansa 2018 the female gazes of dance and movement.

This year in Ripollesdansa, we bet on women’s looks, the views of women who are moving forward in the course of life and dance. The look of seemingly transparent, ephemeral, and some invisible actions. However, they are Presents, always. And it is that we have devoted ourselves to looking, where it is not customary to look at women: the woman artist, the woman who lives things that are hidden, the woman who vibrates, the woman who directs, the woman who nourishes, the woman who creates, and the femininity of the man he feels, the man who inspires, the man who accompanies with sensitivity.

This year more than ever we want to give added value to femininity, in the delicate and authentic way of being in the world, and that’s why the Ripollesdansa 2018 program is 70% feminine.

In honor of the 7th edition, we also have the collaboration of Parelles de Ball, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the association of professional dance companies in Catalonia and the city council of Ripoll.

The artists that accompany us are: Pepa Cases, Ana Trincão, Diethild Meier, Elena Susilla, Rafael de la Lastra, Beatriz Palenzuela Martínez, Laia Santanach, Miquel Barcelona, ​​Jordi Pérez, Matilde Javier Ciria, Sara Pons, Emma Ribas, Laura Alcanà, Nacho Cárcaba, Ester Forment, Agustin, Catalina Carrasco, Gaspar Morey, Paloma Hurtado, Guillermo Weickert and Cristiane Boullosa, Patricia Munuera.

Take a look at our schedule: