Cristiane Boullosa Ripollesdansa 2015

  • May 27, 2015

This year we are very fortunate to have two great Ripollesdansa 2015 Men of Improvisation and Composition Dance Shahar Dor and Cristiane Boullosa.

Shahar Dor is known for his unique ability to touch the core presence of students & performers; empowering their intuitive and instinctive skills, inspiring & leading them through his practice, experience and visionary multidisciplinary art with passion, humour and fearless life art processes.

Cristiane Boullosa wowed us last year with her theory of the spheres. This year she will join to get the best of us. Her delicacy, her way of showing to the world a perfect mix between strength and sweetness not leave us indifferent. She is one of the OmosUno company.

Take air friends to live one of the best experiences in the magical world of dance in a beautiful village of Ripoll.

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