Exquisite RIPOLLESDANSA 2015

  • June 11, 2015

Exquisite “Let please uniquely by its delicacy, finesse,Excellence, etc.”

With one word we can define the creators who will join us in this fourth edition of RIPOLLESDANSA.

Every afternoon from 13 July to 18 July at 20pm you have an essential meeting to praise to your senses. Will occupy a place in the beautiful town of Ripoll and give us their talent, their passion and their commitment.

Because just talking about dancersunless impressive angels will leave us all speechless.

And to know more about them work you can check this information:

Sand, Cia. Agitart with Roger Fernández and Ashleigh Musk
To be continued…, Cia. Krego-Martin dansa, with Maria Martin and Judit R. Onandi
Corpo em Crise, Cia. No Tchäo, with Matilde J. Ciria and Rafaella Bidarra
Puppets, Cia. Dimpro, with Dani Méndez and Angel F. Mateo
Elixir, Cia. Un Sol Traç, with Dori Bermúdez, Virginia Joëlle and Rut Rigat

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