How to arrive

The netroad is structured so that the majority of the roads of the region and of the principal routes, as the C-17, the N-152 and the N-260 they happen for our municipality. The public transport us connect with the neighboring regions and other destinations like Barcelona and Girona. The line of the train directly to Ripoll premite us go to Barcelona or to Puigcerdà and the Tour de Carol, in French territory. We invite you to come and to know us, already be in particular car or in public transport.

By Car:
Form Barcelona: Granollers-Vic-Ripoll (C-17)
From Girona:
Banyoles-Besalú-Olot (por el túnel de Collabós)
From Vallfogona, a través del coll de Canes (N-260).
From l’Eix Tranversal de Girona hasta Vic (C-25)-Ripoll (C-17).
From Puigcerdà, Andorra: por Toses-Ribes de Freser-Campdevànol-Ripoll (N-152).
From Lleida: por l’Eix Tranversal fins a Vic (C-25)-Ripoll (C-17).
From Tarragona: Barcelona-Vic-Ripoll (C-17).
From Francia/Perpinyá: por Prats de Molló-Molló-Camprodon (C-38)-Sant Joan de les Abadesses- Ripoll (C-26).
Find your route:
Situat i mira a on està Ripoll

By Train:
RENFE: Línia Barcelona-Ripoll-Puigcerdà (trens diàris regionals)

By Bus:
Transports TEISA, des de Barcelona, des de Girona i des d’Olot.

By Plane:
Aeroport Internacional del Prat de Llobregat-Barcelona
Aeroport Internacional de Girona
Aeroport de Perpinyà (França)


Ripoll’s note

The portal Ripoll presented as a UNESCO World Heritage Nomination.

Ripoll is Vila Condal and Cradle of Catalonia. Surrounded with mountains and rivers, in his recondite spaces they hide secrets of incalculable natural beauty, historic and cultural. Ripoll offers us a space where to work broadly and comfortably. With total creative and artistic freedom. Ripoll is the capital of the Ripollès, is placed to 691 meters on the level of the sea, in the heart of the Pre-pirineu, and surrounded with mountains. It has an extension of 74 Km2. His urban core has gone away estendiendo, with the years, about the rivers Ter and Freser, which cross the vila, giving to the valley the form of one And Greek. His location and the terrestrial communications do that Ripoll stays near many places, even with the French border.

Ripoll, cradle of the art and the creation. Different artistic projects, literários and musical they were rewarding the art and the creation. Ripoll summons different projects that they reward to the Art and the Creation in artistic, literary areas…


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