crisitane boullosa

Cristiane Boullosa

Brazil, 1967
Bachelor of Arts: Dance from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Brazil and studies by the method Ballet Royal Academy of Dance. Its formation is influenced on one side by the techniques of American Modern Dance (Graham, Limon, Horton, Cunningham), and on the other side by the German Expressionism (dance theatre, gesture language) and improvisation techniques and contact. Complementary formation: manual ethereal Medicine and nowadays formation in Shiatsu

As a choreographer and dancer, she has toured festivals and circuits in several countries, both with her first company “Dobre Xiro” in the north of Spain (Galicia) and with the company “Rayo Malayo” by Francesc Bravo (Madrid). He currently leads Cia Omos Uno As a pedagogue she has been teaching regular dance classes for 28 years in official Conservatories, Universities, private schools, festivals and workshops for collectives of Theater, Dance. He has spent 15 years in Madrid teaching the regular Contact-Improvisation and currently directs the Contact-Improvisation Training in Madrid and Contact-Improvisation Training in Vitoria-Gasteiz. He currently directs the Omos Uno Company and the Micro-Festival of Improvised Dance in Madrid.

The Workshop of Ripollesdansa 2017: Making us aware of the strength of the stage space, allows us to value positively
Our experience in the practice of dance and expand our capacity for pleasure in giving and
upon receiving.
In this Workshop I propose to live the idea of ​​”stage composition” as a dynamic space, in
Where the practice of the same provides us with awareness and empowerment of expressive potential
Of our body and dance. I invite you to share an open space so that everyone can
Experience it, learn from our differences and nudity.

We will use specific CI elements (technique, spatial, relational, philosophical specificity) and
We will open a space of decontextualization of the duo that will allow us to investigate in the creation
Solo, trios, quartets, and group improvisation.

She currently heads the Omos One Company and Micro – Improvised Dance Festival in Madrid.