Dancer, choreographer and actress born in Venezuela, with Chinese and Italian ancestry and French nationality.
Mey-Ling Bisogno has built his career on a multi-stage trip that includes the cities of Caracas, Miami, New York, Buenos Aires, Paris and Madrid.

He studied various techniques of dance, movement and theater to feed his curiosity and appetite for the scene. He has trained in classical dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance, mime-dynamics, wrestling, Grotowski technique, flying low, K1 among many others … He was awarded a training scholarship at the Alvin Ailey American Dance in New York. He also studied theater in Buenos Aires with the well-known director Ruben Schumacher and in Paris, at L’Ecole du théâtre Internatinale Jacques Lecoq.

Mey-Ling Bisogno has developed a very unique movement language, its very particular aesthetic is one of the pillars of its work. His works reach an intensity and dynamic, which captures the interest of all audiences, including those who are not usually interested in the performing arts.

For the production of his productions he has received grants from the Antorchas Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and the Community of Madrid. His works have been co-produced by Suresnes Cité Danse, Theater du West Parisien and the Maison du Théâtre de la Danse et Epinay sur Seine. He has received technical and artistic residencies at the Center National de la Danse, Center Choregraphique de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne, Center Choregraphique de La Rochelle, ADDP Micadanse (France) and at the Art Resource Center Management Nave del Duende, Centro Cultural Paco Rabal, Canal Dance Center, Choreographers in Community – Conde Duque (Spain), Sierra Norte Humanities Regional Center and Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa Italy.

Critics have highlighted, “Mey-Ling Bisogno offers a necessary dance” “overflowing imagination” “full of inventiveness and energy” (Roger Salas, El País) “An artist with the energy of rock and roll and the fragility of a flower “(Philippe Verrièle),” his capacity to break the limits “(Les Inrockuptibles)” Reflection and self-observation, through beauty and violence “(Alternative Theater)” Mey-Ling Bisogno moves away from the conventions of dance and theater to become a hybrid, physically oneiric, that immerses the viewer in a singular universe halfway between David Lynch and Pina Bausch. “(Miguel Gabaldón,

Mey-Ling Bisogno is a founding member of the group “Choreographers in Community” whose members are: Sharon Fridman, Beatriz Palenzuela, Camille Hanson, Manuel Rodriguez, Jesus Rubio, Janet Novas and Pablo Esbert.

Mey-Ling Bisogno has today a repertoire of 30 choreographies.