Summer 2021
is a Micro Festival born from LOVE, in capital letters: LOVE to dance, LOVE of life, people LOVE, LOVE the people, LOVE culture. RIPOLLESDANSA has its own pulse and character is unique, bordering on utopia, thanks to the will of many people with his love, his unconditional support, his tenacity, his temperance and confidence, have believed and supported from the outset a microfestival of these characteristics confluence professionals and restless dance, they have the opportunity to interact and share their concerns for a week. This magnifies not only the creators but to all those people who love dance in all its conditions. And the magic does not stop there, because for one week the town of Ripoll is painted movement of people, new life, new lives, gained stories and perhaps lost battles … and yet, during RIPOLLESDANSA feel beating the bones, and flesh bodies. As Judith R.Onandi said: “It’s wonderful to see people smile,” and this is thanks to the delivery of every and each of the souls that help make the world a brighter and less rare place.

What defines PRIVILEGE RIPOLLESDANSA is the word, for this year with us great dancers, pedagogues movement, artists and better people. They especially want to publicly thank you for accepting to share this journey. Can you come with us?
Dance to meet you!

The one who is directed?

This festival is the exhibition free for everyone and open to everyone. We give life to the people and filled with people and dance. Open eyes to new audiences. I bet dance talents of high quality such as human creatively.

What will we do?.

Every evening, a space filled with proposals Ripoll Beautiful and very magic that we offer: And every evening, filling a space Beautiful Ripoll.


  • <strong>Judit Ruiz Onandi</strong>

    Judit Ruiz Onandi

    Direction's assistant and Production