2013 November

I was also Johnny Depp’s girlfriend

jdcartellvilellaInspired by the grunge movement, this staging wants to make a small tribute to a generation “fantastic.” Women love a romantic vision of actor Johnny Depp. Women invisible, skeptical, naive, mature, mothers, daughters, teens, punks … they love women, love of truth, though mistaken, Miss or Miss or shut invention. Tribute to the 90 we were teenagers.


From November 28 to December 1
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 21:00
Sunday at 20:00

More information: La Vilella

Proposal: Ester Forment
Creating interpretation: Trinidad and Ester Garcia Espinosa Forment
Accompanying the creation: in Selden Karakas
Text voiceover: Clara Gayo: Agoraphobia: Fear paralysis
Voice over: Isak Ferriz and Ester Forment
Acknowledgements: Jorge Serrano, Marc Monk, Isak Ferriz Anna Presegué Trinidad, Selden, Gloria, George Perez, Marilou, Vilella A, Muriel, Saori.
Artistic Residence: La Vilella.